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"Our dishes are prepared by our accomplished Thai chefs and with the ingredients of the finest quality, sought locally and flown in fresh directly from Thailand. Most of our original recipes are family secret and faithfully handed down through each chef generations. Others are new, creative, and unique variations on traditional themes."


888 Griffiths Way, Mainland ML12345

T: 987.654.3210
E: info@yoursite.com



February 2017, is currently under a new management.

Since December 2008, Siamsamrarn is renowned for its core cult following of loyal customers. The sumptuous surroundings blend enchanting Thai Gazebo, hand-carved teak furniture, the gentle flow of an impressive waterfall feature, stylish interior, chattering atmosphere and mouthwatering food provide in West End with a youthful, yet sophisticated dining premise and it continues to be one of the Thai’s hottest tables on weekend.

Our menu combines a variety of unique dishes, from the past, present and future of Thailand’s gastronomic culture.  Every dishes we offer is exciting and prepared with the freshest ingredients from Thailand and locally. We have a high commitment to cook fresh in our dishes right after taking your order to ensure every dishes are fresh and flavorsome when they arrive at your table. Meanwhile our service staff are take pride of their roles. They are knowledgably in Thai cuisine, friendly, and pleasant to maximize your dining experience.